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Why my long sentence broken into two parts?
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12 bugs found.
ID Product Comp Assignee Status Resolution Summary Changed
605 Add-ons Active V daniel NEW --- project manager: open project of actually edited file automatically 2013-08-07
603 Add-ons Active V daniel NEW --- project manager: keep project open in last state 2013-08-06
778 BlueGrif Sidebars daniel NEW --- Project manager don't work in Bluegriffon 3.0 2017-11-21
29 BlueGrif Sidebars daniel CLOS FIXE Add basic project manager 2011-05-23
295 BlueGrif Add-ons daniel ASSI --- Project Manager won't synchronise properly 2013-04-02
481 Add-ons Toolkit daniel RESO DUPL Project Manager don't synchronize 2012-12-19
602 Add-ons Snippets daniel NEW --- project manager: be able to open/insert via return key 2013-08-06
797 BlueGrif General daniel NEW --- Request - find and replace 2018-01-27
604 Add-ons Active V daniel NEW --- project manager: list of extensions, the files with which are hidden 2013-08-06
621 Add-ons Active V daniel NEW --- auto-sync local/remote files for project manager 2013-10-15
233 BlueGrif Build co daniel UNCO --- Feature Req: ZIP Distro - Save settings to program folder 2011-06-10
678 BlueGrif General daniel NEW --- bug in ver1.8 2015-12-04
12 bugs found.